»wut« (»rage«) is a piece about shock and protest. it plunges us into a world of contradictions and deeply felt disquiet. a subtly vibrating choreographic invocation of a somewhat feverish incandescence – the embodiment of anger welling up. six dancers, musically accompanied live on stage by composer ralf r. ollertz, boost what is brewing over and under the surface, grasping one of the most human and sinister of emotions.

»wut« is a is a passionate answer to the speechlessness of contemporary society, taking a stand to resist the nebulous state of our times. a burning under the skin, boiling on the surface, breaking apart with agitation, striking a nerve and painfully resonating within the spectator.

»t. limnaios is a rare phenomenon among berlin choreographers. she is an artist, who still believes in the cathartic strength of theater. her dance theater is poetic and demonstrates great technical skill.« (berliner zeitung, 2012)

»… the dancers make the space explode…«  (zdf/aspekte, stefanie heidbrink, 2015)

a cie. toula limnaios production in coproduction with tafelhalle nürnberg and halle tanzbühne berlin and kind support by the cultural department of the city of berlin.
tours: nuernberg, sao paulo, panama, guadalajara (mexico), erfurt

premiere 2012 dance/creation elia lópez, lisa oettinghaus, karolina wyrwal, matthew branham, giacomo corvaia, yannis karalis
repeat 2016 dance  daeho lee, katja scholz, inhee yu


toula limnaios


ralf r. ollertz


daniel afonso, leonardo d'aquino, priscilla fiuza, alba de miguel, alessio scandale, hironori sugata, karolina wyrwal


jan langebartels

public relation

silke wiethe


antonia limnaios, toula limnaios

light technic

domenik engemann

stage technic

jan römer



»toula limnaios is a rarity among berlin choreographers. she cultivates the art of forming a piece out of the play with rhythm, time and space – the good old skills of a choreographer – and understands dance as something very poetic. toula limnaios is an artist, who still believes in the cathartic strength of theater. her dance theater is poetic and demonstrates great technical skill.« (berliner zeitung, feuilleton)

»toula limnaios’ associative visual worlds reveal disturbing and simultaneously intense as well as precise movement details … the striking strength of this choreographer lies in her ability to stage a scenic plurality of opposing events that culminate in a pensive final metaphor. this is what leaves its mark in the audience’s memory. over the 16 years of its existence, the cie. toula limnaios has developed into one of the most outstanding independent ensembles for contemporary dance.« (neues deutschland/tanznetz, dr. k. schmidt-feister)

»toula limnaios looks inwards, examines anger, aggression, fear – limnaios gets to the bottom of emotions. she explores what is simmering under the surface, before it boils over. the six dancers work themselves up to the highest level of agitation. ›wut‹ therefore captivates its audiences above all with the furore caused by the dancing.« (tagesspiegel, sandra luzina)

»toula limnaios finds strong metaphorical images and poetic compositions of dance virtuosity, which also convey contemporary, politically current discourses.« (www.tanzpresse.de, juliane wieland)

»the show begins with the entrance of the dancers in the dark, then a spot light turns on a woman who literally swells with rage until she explodes and falls down to the ground. meanwhile a man, standing in the middle of the room, spins a rope with a torch at its end which the dancers avoid with plastic movements. while live music reproduces mechanical sounds, which seem to come from inside a factory, three dancers set stones along the proscenium.

a beautiful and energetic dance explodes, with strong and dynamic movements. … from here, very intense sequences of images, accompanied by an electric guitar, express a feeling of rebellion and anger. on this image -at this moment- the lights turn off and a thunderous applause starts for an overwhelming and exciting show.
in an era where one is unable to express itself and show his dissent against a corrupted system and a society that often does not represent us, wut seems a cry of revolt for those who do not have the strength to give vent to their anger.« (campadidanza.it)

»in limnaios’ halle tanzbühne berlin, 6 young and talented dancers are occupying the space. all with different bodily expressions and personalities – even when they reunite in small moments of symmetry. wut is a study of fury on the verge to hopelessness, despair, angst and fear; where one dancer goes wild with mania, someone else reacts with inward anger. the visual input is strong … after about an hour of intense rage and physical battle, the stage is still reverbing from the dancers’ actions during the massive applause. afterwards we step out into the cold winter night left with slight mental, if not physical, bruises.« (www.2dmblogazine.it, helena nilsson strängberg)

»… theater so close to the reality, … toula limnaios did not stage the outbursts of rage from the powerless, the outbursts of counter-rage from the powerful. with vivid, moving images, she showed the hints of appropriation, hierarchy, commanding, exhaustion, crippling, imprisonment, how every citizen can feel them. a room without a view… the music by ralf r. ollertz, with an electric guitar played live and electronically edited, had an instant poignancy…« (textlandschaft)

“dance as… trauma. impressive, really heavily impressive. the renowned dance ensemble cie. toula limnaios plunges visitors into a gloomy maelstrom of emotions. the basic interplay of music and movement impresses immediately. “wut” explores relationships and feelings to the pain threshold. … no one can escape the intensity and formative dynamics of the staging. the piece touches with small gestures and expansive pain, lets torture and isolation meet a threateningly restless aesthetic. a nightmare, every attempt to escape it, ends helplessly. the knives are sharpened, in the end only a desperate scream remains. no sight of salvation, the powerless person continues to hang in the chains. the light gets off. silence. then the delayed applause.« (nordseezeitung)

»confronting the contradictions. in their piece ›wut‹, the berlin-based cie. toula limnaios staged these emotions with metaphorical images and dance virtuosity.« (nordsee-zeitung)

»with the expressive body language reinforced by the impelling music, the choreographer and her dancers show in “wut” an explosion of emotion. … six dancers create disturbing images of aggressiveness and despair, push their bodies to their limits and awaken feelings in the audience that go deep into the soul.« (foyer)

»her pieces examine the abysses of human existence. they not only move on the surface, but also scratch the wounds of society. … her images have a long lasting effect.« (sonntagsjournal)

»›wut‹- the name says it all. i’m sitting in the tif, spellbound by the speed and elegance, the expression and the strong images the cie. toula limnaios from berlin has created in order to show this powerful, merciless emotion. i don`t only see the rage… no, i feel it too, because the associations of torture, abuse and humiliation make me – while sitting in my theater seat – furious… this dance is art. … it is virtuoso, grandiose – full of words, thoughts, images and emotions. if the theater is otherwise often a reflection of society, here we do have a mirror, namely a screaming one. it’s a bold piece – loud, uncomfortable, and hoarse. i go home impressed, hopeful and touched – such an eventful evening!« (logbuch-bremerhaven.de)