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a solo for two women 
the motif of the ‘doppelgaenger’ or look-alike is both irritating and fascinating at the same time: his appearance confounds the boundaries between oneself and others. the doppelgaenger questions concepts of similarity and difference, problematizes the subject and its identity.

«isson« means ‘same’ in greek and is dedicated to contrasts, reality and illusion, light and shadows, restlessness and peace. two realities that cannot be separated.

»synchronicity indicates more than virtuosity, but rather the merging of two states of awareness. this meticulously composed decrescendo is one of the most moving, most enlightening final scenes that i’ve seen in dance theatre for quite some time.«(tagesspiegel, franz-anton cramer 2003)

a cie. toula limnaios production in coproduction with theater am halleschen ufer

premiere 2003 dance/creation: lena meierkord, toula limnaios