a visual diary
we have all become almost invisible to each other and the year 2021 hardly announces any great change, only perhaps a hint of hope….

everyone is huddling together trying to cope and overcome as best they can the enormous difficulties that this year brings for each of us. facing ourselves, others, another reality.

we don’t know how long this state will last and when the theatres will once again become a place of exchange, dialogue and even inspiration. our actions often speak louder than our words, so with the help of our digital diary »inmitten« we would like to share with you moments lived through and experienced by cie. toula limnaios in this particular time.

the visual diary »inmitten« is like a witness. it includes livestreams and a series of short documentaries. filmmaker bernd sahling accompanies our work with his camera and films rehearsals as well as technical set-ups, meetings, livestreams, improvisations and all the other concerns of our ensemble, furthermore he portrays our international ensemble members in personal interviews.we open our door and invite you to take a look behind the scenes, come and be our guest.

»i am not of the opinion that distance rules must result in social alienation. on the contrary: we must support each other, be close at heart. even without an embrace. for me, dance is still at the centre, creating with the dancers, dealing with each other, rubbing against each other – everything that makes us human.« toula limnaios

the cie. toula limnaios is supported by the state of berlin, senate administration for culture and europe.

live stream


toula limnaios


bernd sahling


ralf r. ollertz


daniel afonso, leonardo d’aquino, francesca bedin, laura beschi, alba de miguel, alessio scandale, hironori sugata, karolina wyrwal

technical director/lightdesign

felix grimm

touring cooperations

marie schmieder

choreographic assistance

ute pliestermann

lighting & stage technics

domenik engemann