in »meantime« the entire area of the halle is accessible: starting in the garden, across the large hall, to the foyer of our building.
»meantime« is a walking tour through danced miniatures in a parcours. the unique charisma of each dancer and their individual strength will be seen in six solos and a duet. the dancing miniatures reflect the personalities of our ensemble, whose character and aura is always present on the stage and shape the work of the cie. toula limnaios. each evening, the cycle can be attended by 21 spectators, within three different time slots.

making of meantime

»it’s a very challenging time for all of us. we couldn’t just stick our heads in the sand and be trapped by the fear and insecurity during the pandemic lockdown. we had to act, and saw the situation as an opportunity to offensively and energetically look for new ways, to convert the fear into a positive feeling. we have changed our way of working and switched to individual rehearsals. since then, we have been working on various performance formats, taking all hygiene measures into account. for me, dance remains the central element. that means working with the dancers, creating, confronting and dealing with each other – everything that makes us human. – ›arts vivants‹ – in astonishment, we keep on working on what touches and transforms us in these difficult moments.« toula limnaios

premiere 13 aug 2020

a cie. toula limnaios production supported by the city of berlin, department for culture and europe.


toula limnaios


ralf r. ollertz


daniel afonso, leonardo d’aquino, francesca bedin, laura beschi, alba de miguel, alessio scandale, hironori sugata, karolina wyrwal


felix grimm

touring cooperations

marie schmieder


toula limnaios

choreographic assistance

ute pliestermann

lighting & stage technics

domenik engemann, jan römer



»the time of the lockdown was also an interval that enabled a new perspective on the conditions of human existence. in her “arts vivants”, toula limnaios and her dancers showcase miniatures of the human being, and thus direct our attention to what defines us. in such a manner, the last stop at the museum of the human takes us back to the beginning of life. “how nice that these witnesses of the past have been preserved for us,” the museum guide proclaims at the end. a visitor in the HALLE can only agree with it.«
(birgit schmalmack,

»… a great reminder of how thrilling and physical dance and theater can hopefully be again soon.«

(konrad kögler,

»through danced body miniatures and sound installations, the spectators is taken on a time travel, on an mythological exploration through museum-like emblematic imagery.«

(christel sperlich, forum – das wochenmagazin)

»… one could understand this parcours as an „in-between world“, for toula limnaios shows people in the „here and now“, and at the same time also the creatures who seem very distant, creatures from another time and world. … scenes, one mythologically excessive, another a very concrete narrative about life in covid-19 times. all of these are very personal portrait-pieces, intimate insights… these scenes are serious and whimsical, harrowing and curious. like evoking the ghosts to avert disaster and bring peace, like projecting worry and fear onto images that are connected to something that we all carry deep down within us.«

(Frank Schmid, rbb kulturradio)