11th & 12th march 2020 »mirage« in the concert hall berlin.

in 2020 the cie. toula limnaios will finish the movie »die klage« with walfriede schmitt, go on tours to georgia, palestine, chile, brazil, nicaragua, panama …, will premiere 2 new works in berlin and start the european ensemble network »utopia«.

in berlin we are deepening our cooperations. at the beginning of march the cie. toula limnaios creates the body-trace ball in the center francais, on 11th and 12th march we are working with 8 cellists from the berlin concert hall and 20 students from the barnim gymnasium. toula limnaios was also appointed to the jury of the international choreography competition hannover 2020/21.

it will be exciting

professional dancers are welcome to train with the company. the classes are given by guestteachers and members of the company.

21.01. ute pliestermann
22.01. judith sanchez ruiz
23.01. judith sanchez ruiz
24.01. toula limnaios
25.01. toula limnaios

28.01. sagi gross
29.01. ute pliestermann
30.01. sagi gross
31.01. toula limnaios
01.02. toula limnaios

from tuesday to friday at 10h and saturday at 11h in berlin. (fee: 6€)
the classes are hold at: halle tanzbühne berlin, eberswalder Str. 10 / 10437 berlin

for further information you may contact: ute pliestermann

march tiflis/ georgia
april ramallah/ palestina
»tempus fugit«
may/ chile&russia
»la salle«
june bremerhaven
2.-8. august paris/france
»tempus fugit«
september ramallah/ palestina
»die einen, die anderen«
september porto allegre, sao paulo/brasil
»volto umano«
october nicaragua, panama, santo domingo