we wish you a peaceful and happy new year 2019 !
our first premiere will be on the 28th march 2019 »shifted realities« a double solo with toula limnaios and hironori sugata

professional dancers are welcome to train with the company. the classes are given by guestteachers and members of the company.

12.03. carlos aller
13.03. ute pliestermann
14.03. carlos aller
15.03. karolina wyrwal
16.03. no class

19.03. ute pliestermann
20.03. carlos aller
21.03. toula limnaios
22.03. carlos aller
23.03. no class

there will be no open classes in the weeks of the 26.3. till the 6.4. because of our performances of ‘shifted realities’, a double solo with toula limnaios and hironori sugata at the Halle. open classes will start again the 9.4.

from tuesday to friday at 10h and saturday at 11h in berlin. (fee: 6€)
the classes are hold at: halle tanzbühne berlin, eberswalder Str. 10 / 10437 berlin

for further information you may contact: ute pliestermann

29.april-2. may bremerhaven
19.-22. may sofia/bulgaria
25.-30.june novi sad/serbia
»tempus fugit«
5.-10. august andros/greece
1.-6. october portugal
september-october argentinia, morocco
25.-31. august paris/france