reading tosca
14 – 17 + 21 – 24  june in berlin

last year, the graphic agency cyan designed us a picture book on the occasion of the dance company’s 25th anniversary.

with more than 280 illustrations and several contributions by frank schmid, susanne linke, reinhild hoffmann, volkmar draeger, dancers and numerous audience members. in german and english.

available in our online shop (48€) or at the box office (36€).

when you are a professional dancer, you are welcome to join our open classes with the company.
the classes are given by guest teachers and members of the ensemble.

kenan dinkelmann: 27/29 june
nicola mascia: 5/7/11 july
alice gaspari: 14 july

fee: 6 euro
classes take place each at 10 am at halle tanzbühne berlin, eberswalder Str. 10, 10437 berlin.

for further information you may contact us

in our online program we share documentary films, interviews and live stream series of moments lived and experienced by cie. toula limnaios during this special time with you.

8 june tanzortnord festival, lübeck
»we are made«
22 – 31 july
2 sept bremerhaven

more dates coming soon.