from the 6th until the 16th december 2018  there will be a unique opportunity to see the celebrated piece »wut« in berlin. don’t forget to reserve !

professional dancers are welcome to train with the company. the classes are given by guestteachers and members of the company.
the next open classes will start the 15th january 2019.

from tuesday to friday at 10h and saturday at 11h in berlin. (fee: 6€)
the classes are hold in: halle tanzbühne berlin, eberswalder Str. 10 / 10437 berlin

for further information you may contact: ute pliestermann

»tempus fugit«
7.-11. february bremerhaven
4.-7. march san sebastian/spain
20.-24. may temisvara/rumania
15.-22. july chania/crete
23.-29. july assisi/italy
20. april dresden
»we are made«
18. july coimbra/portugal
4. august 2018 oaxaca, mexico city
4.-8. october valencia/spain
26. november bremerhaven
»die einen, die anderen«
2. november bremerhaven
27. november bremerhaven