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sa 17.10.—sa 30.01.[24h]
drift (2002)
cie. toula limnaios


drift 2002

“… instead of touching each other with someone else’s hand, they fan themselves or expel compressed breath or wrap their arms around their own waists. this results in tragicomic situations, like the attempt to fly in a state of glare, like orthographic gestures for the formulation of a notice of loss. ralf r. ollertz reinforces this intended impression with his congenial composition, which, as an alienated adaptation of a godard soundtrack, appears like the music to an atomised film.” (mitteldeutsche zeitung, andreas hillger, 2002)

a production of the cie. toula limnaios in co-production with the bauhaus dessau.
cinematic implentation 2002
camera/editing henry mertens

concept/ choreography/ space/ costumes
toula limnaios
dance/ creation
chandana hörmann, ulrich huhn, toula limnaios
ralf r. ollertz
klaus dust