»blind date« is the first collaboration between the cie. toula limnaios and the ensemble mosaik.
selected compositions of contemporary chamber music form a starting point for choreographic sketches that incorporate music and musicians in a scenic commentary way. the cie. toula limnaios formulates movement images between the musical works, visual extensions of compositional structures – self-perpetuating commentaries that assertively stand up to the music and create miniatures resembling small pathways through space and time.

»…one of the most exciting events of berlin’s stage scenery in december 2014.« (zitty, 2014)

produced by ensemble mosaik in co-production with the cie. toula limnaios and the halle tanzbühne berlin, funded by the initiative neue musik berlin e.v., the department for cultural affairs pankow and the german music council, supported by department for cultural affairs of the city of berlin.

music: »nebmaat« alberto posadas / »ritorno« stefan streich / »ac/taqsim/dc« chatschatur kanajan / »schöne worte« bernhard gander / »trio iv« aureliano cattaneo / »to&fro« rebecca saunders / »tomorrow i will built a house here, if i can hold still« chris swithinbank / »one flat think reproduced« timothy mccormack

artistic director/choreography

bettina junge, toula limnaios, ralf r. ollertz


ensemble mosaik: bettina junge (flöte), simon strasser (oboe), christian vogel (klarinette), martin losert (saxophon), roland neffe (schlagzeug), ernst surberg (klavier), chatschatur kanajan (violine), karen lorenz (viola), mathis mayr (cello)


giacomo corvaia, marika gangemi, toula limnaios, elia lópez, adilso machado, samuel minguillon, hironori sugata, karolina wyrwal, inhee yu


dieter hartwig