a poem in motion – dedicated to lefteris, my father.
entrevisions is a polyopticon of landscapes and human reliefs, where light and shadow, sky and earth merge into one path and, free of hope, surrender to the dream.
close your eyes
have no fear 
we are all
close your eyes and touch your lids with your fingertips for a while
look inside 
pull your fingers back and let the images you see inside pass by you.« 
(toula limnaios)
three dancers move through an empty space in which, through dance and a few accessories, strong poetic images emerge, freely inspired by the four elements water, earth, fire and air. against the background of changing noises, tones and lighting moods, toula limnaios creates an incessantly spinning arc of images, which with the music of ralf r. ollertz conjures up a strange, melancholy atmosphere – beautiful and unsettling at the same time. the spectator is asked to surrender to the flow of free associations and thereby create a connection between imagination and reality.

her pieces breathe in an intangible secret, they breathe in the atmosphere of an expressionist silent film. dream sequences? the cabinett of dr. caligari? familiar picture.
marionettes, a bird fighting in a storm, forces of nature, insects, body parts that suddenly develop a life of their own, give impulses and sweep the whole body away. the mechanical movement of a doll, three people merging into one, a hand slowly running over a face, attraction and repulsion between two beings – there are no limits for the imagination. »Entrevisions« captivates with its straightforward simplicity, its poetry and the fascinating harmony of the flow of movement.

»toula limnaios spreads her arms to swing, and hardly anyone would be surprised if she actually rises into the air.« (nürnberger nachrichten, m.k, 1998)

production: cie. toula limnaios with the kind support of the ministère de la communauté française de belgique – service danse et musique -, the sacd »1500 heures pour danser«, musiques et recherches – annette vande gorne, the studio of tu-berlin, the graphic office cyan and tripple aaa.
co-production: charleroi / danses, center for choreography of the communauté française of belgium, artistic director: frédéric flamand, academy of the arts and artist court buch, berlin.

guest performances: charleroi, erlangen, brussels, berlin, cottbus


toula limnaios


ralf r. ollertz


ludger lamers, toula limnaios, yvonne weschke


franco marri, michel delvigne (light direction)



»scenes about the volatility of emotions. A dance perfection /// toula limnaios, yvonne weschke and ludger lamers conjure up poetic images in harmonic bodywork on the stage. they don’t tell a story, they dance moods. the spectators can let themselves be carried away in the flow of possible associations. ›entrevisions‹ transports the audience into an atmospheric dream landscape, populated by sensitive individuals, animals and marionettes. the dancers speak of restlessness, longing and despair, with their flowing, supple movements. grace and elegance still have a place in modern dance theater. toula limnaios spreads her arms to swing, and hardly anyone would be surprised if she actually rises into the air.« (nürnberger nachrichten, m.k/ krs, 1998)

»dance through thinking /// the body flooded with consciousness becomes more real and unreal at the same time, as› entrevisions ‹, the dance piece performed by the company toula limnaios in the theater on halleschen ufer, shows. when the three dancers cross the room on all fours in a light diagonal, the movements appear so ethereal, floating, so fluidly light that they make the body unreal. more than a physis consisting of flesh and blood and bones one seems to be dealing here with a pure projection. the body is staged here as a phantasm through which one sends the most varied of energies that make it appear as something new and different.« (berliner zeitung, michaela schlagenwerth, 1999)