With this new creation Roberto Zappalà makes a powerful return to his dance full of creative contradictions – with flavours that are carnal and delicate, musical and yet atonal, erotic and explosive, but also poetic and intimate.

»Cultus« is born out of an urge to compare two languages – music and dance – by emphasising not only their contiguity and points of contact, but above all their rifts and differences. With musical inspirations from Bach’s »St. Matthew Passion« and David Lang’s »The Little Match Girl Passion«, Zappalà elevates pure abstract dance to the protagonist of his new creation. Dramaturgy is transformed into emotional images of dance, inviting the audience to navigate in a fluid place, where losing track of time is a unique sensory experience.

The choreographic journey consists of various stages, moving transitions where the bodies of the dancers pass through and immerse themselves in various states of abandonment, tenderness, joy, ecstasy – of poetry.

german premiere 1 dec
tickets 1 + 2 dec

guest performance as part of utopia – european ensemble network for dance. the guest performance is supported by the Italian Cultural Institute Berlin.

lights and set design Roberto Zappalà costumes Veronica Cornacchini, Roberto Zappalà set and costumes realization Majoca production assistant Federica Cincotti management Vittorio Stasi technical direction Sammy Torrisi general manager Maria Inguscio

a co-production by Scenario Pubblico/Compagnia Zappalà Danza, Centro di Rilevante Interesse Nazionale / Fondazione Luzzati / Teatro della Tosse (Genoa) / Teatro Comunale di Modena in collaboration with TPE Fondazione Teatro Piemonte Europa (Turin), Teatro Ristori (Verona), Visavì Festival (Gorizia), Festival Armonie d’Arte (Catanzaro) with the support of Ministero della Cultura and Regione Siciliana Ass.to del Turismo dello Sport e dello Spettacolo

artistic director/choreography

Roberto Zappalà


»The Little Match Girl Passion« by David Lang, music of the Italian popular tradition, William Shakespeare


Giulia Berretta, Corinne Cilia, Filippo Domini, Laura Finocchiaro, Anna Forzutti, Silvia Rossi, Damiano Scavo, Erik Zarcone

choreographic assistance

Fernando Roldan Ferrer


Guido Mencari Catanzaro