»staubkinder« by cie. toula limnaios is inspired by the music of gustav mahler and is dedicated to the staubkinder that we are. they are deeply embedded in our individual and universal memories.

in »staubkinder« (children of dust) we let ourselves be carried away into an absurd and confusing world. a world similar to ours, with the critical aspects of the present, today’s complexity and this uncertain space called future. the children of dust are looking for a hold – the ground on which their feet stand is foreign to them. disturbing and poetic at the same time…

concept/choreography/space toula limnaios music gustav mahler dance/creation  daniel afonso, francesca bedin, laura beschi, leonardo d’aquino, priscilla fiuza, alessio scandale, hironori sugata, karolina wyrwal lighting design/technical director felix grimm lighttechnic domenik engemann costumes antonia limnaios touring/cooperations marie schmieder public/relations talea schuré

premiere 7 dec 2022

the cie. toula limnaios is funded by the senate department for culture and social cohesion, berlin.