with eight dancers, »volto umano — the human face«  unfolds a grand panorama of a world on the brink, where utopia gives way to a dismantling of humanity — a symbol of our society today. mechanisation that strikes at the heart of the community levels the individual and leads to the loss of empathy, individuality and curiosity.

in »volto umano« violence infiltrates the microcosm of the performers, seeping in and out of their body(ies). the piece moves between the »little misdeeds« in society in which the merciless emerges. it reveals human weaknesses and in doing so aims right at the heart of the present, which is increasingly moving away from humanity. in an overwhelming dynamic of the modern world, everything can change from one moment to the next and plunge into the fatal. when violence permeates our lives – what face will emerge?

premiere 15 june 2018 concept/choreography: toula limnaios music:ralf r. ollertz dance/ creation: daniel afonso, leonard d’aquino, priscilla fiuza, alba de miguel, alessio scandale, katja scholz, hironori sugata, karolina wyrwal lightdesign: felix grimm assistance: ute pliestermann  lighttechnic: domenik engemann, jan römer, leo tsirigotis costumes/space: antonia limnaios, toula limnaios

upcoming performances:24 – 26 april

the cie. toula limnaios is supported by the senate department for culture and social cohesion. videotrailer: © 2018 walter bickmann tanzforumberlin