exciting success – standing ovations for the premiere !

»the one and the other« is an international cooperation with the cia. gira dança.



neues deutschland


the open classes start again the 21st of June 2017.
professional dancers are welcome to train with the company. the classes are given by guestteachers and members of the company.

28.6. judith sanchez ruiz
29.6. carlos aller
30.6. judith sanchez ruiz

4.7. vicky miranda
5.7. ute pliestermann
6.7. vicky miranda
7.7. vicky miranda
8.7. vicky miranda

11.7. ute pliestermann
12.7. erol alexandrov
13.7. toula limnaios
14.7. erol alexandrov
15.7. toula limnaios

18.7. nadine gerspacher
19.7. nadine gerspacher
20.7. nadine gerspacher
21.7. nadine gerspacher

25.7. ute pliestermann
26.7. erol alexandrov
27.7. ute pliestermann
28.7. erol alexandrov
29.7. toula limnaios

from tuesday to friday at 10h and saturday at 11h in berlin. (fee: 6€)
the classes are hold in: halle tanzbühne berlin
eberswalder Str. 10 / 10437 berlin

for further informations you may contact: ute pliestermann

there are no auditions in 2017

in july the cie. toula limnaios shows »isson« in chania/kreta and in october »tempus fugit« in nicaragua and trinidad tobago.