»outro pais« is a documentary by giacomo corvaia about the brazilian tour of the cie. toula limnaios 2014

»… the cie. toula limnaios is one of the great creators of contemporary dance and one of the most expressive today.«(vivadança, silvana moura, 2014)

a production by cie. toula limnaios with the kind support of the senate department for cultural affairs of the state of berlin and the goethe institute as part of the germany year in brazil

travel stations londrina, salvador de bahia, belo horizonte, florianópolis, foz do iguacu, natal


giacomo corvaia


toula limnaios, ralf r. ollertz, samuel minguillon, victoria p. miranda, antonia limnaios, hironori sugata, julia göller, karolina wyrwal, marika gangemi, giacomo corvaia, inhee yu