a dance film made by the cie. toula limnaios, in collaboration with giacomo corvaia.

choreographic miniatures from pieces, filmed with dancers of the ensemble, are placed in alternative contexts outside the stage. these worlds are transformed and modified for the film. the camera emphasizes details and like a witness of time passin recounts the stretch of almost an entire year. the micro-worlds are filmed in places that seem to have fallen out of time – monuments of history or places in constant transition – thus creating alternate contexts. the movements are thus read in new ways, putting them into new perspective in a interweaving of images.

artistic director/choreography
toula limnaios
giacomo corvaia
ralf r. ollertz, paul tinsley
daniel afonso, leonardo d’aquino, daeho lee, katja scholz, hironori sugata, karolina wyrwal, inhee yu
antonia limnaios, toula limnaios

a cie. toula limnaios production with kind support of the cultural department of the city of berlin.